I laugh a lot and I’m quick to smile – the perfect traits of a Pisces! I am a dreamer, a soul-searcher, a visual storyteller, a believer, and a creator. I move through life with open eyes observing and exploring all that is around me.

Behind my lens, I am alone, yet I am one with everything. I am simple and extraordinary. I am able to stop time, capture the soul of a moment and hold onto it forever. I find magnificence in moments that move me, that call to my soul – moments that contain a lifetime of memories, emotions, and stories. 

I am a visual storyteller, I am about connection and creativity...I feel a connection to world that I photograph...whether it be a landscape, a child, a city street, or a plate of pasta! It is the connection of energy that creates a spark, and in a split second, an unscripted story is told. When I look at my photographs, I am transported back to the moment standing behind my lens when connection and creativity came together. 

I create photos for myself and for others. I create to connect. I create in hopes that others will look at my photographs and feel a connection; feel understood; feel empowered; feel joy; feel inspired; feel a desire to cry or laugh or dance or love or change the world or to just be still. 

Wedding - Lifestyle - Portrait - Commercial

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